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What publishers can do

Background - 9 November, 2005
Greenpeace is calling on the publishing industry to take action to phase out the use of paper coming from the destruction of ancient forests and to adopt environmentally and socially responsible procurement policies. The way to achieve this is to buy paper that contains recycled and/or FSC® fibres.

Hunting and large scale habitat loss have already eliminated Wolverines from much of Southern Scandinavia.

  • Buy recycled paper with a high post-consumer waste content to help take pressure off the world's ancient forests
  • Buy FSC® paper to ensure that the fibre comes from forests that are well managed to strong ecological and social criteria
  • For more information on how to find these book papers please contact
  • For more information, please see The Paper Trail: A Greenpeace Guide to Sourcing Ancient Forest Friendly Paper" - English, German, Italian
  • Learn more about our book initiative work in Germany and the UK
  • For companies in Canada, the Markets Initiative website has a similar "how to" guide
  • For companies in the US please check out Green Press Initiative

For further information about how to help your company minimize itsimpact on the environment by developing an Ancient Forest Friendlypaper purchasing policy please contact the forest campaign at yourrelevant Greenpeace office.

Greenpeace Book Campaign offices:

Greenpeace Belgium

Greenpeace Canada/Markets Initiative

Greenpeace Germany

Greenpeace France

Greenpeace Italy

Greenpeace Netherlands

Greenpeace United Kingdom