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About Ancient Forests

Background - 10 March, 2006
The Siberian tiger roams the snow forests of the Asian Russian. The tiger is separated from the jaguar by a vast ocean, the jaguar is at home in the tropical rainforests of the Amazon.

Rainforest near East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Admittedly the gorilla and the orangutan have some similarities, both are apes, but would they swing through the branches together? No chance. Orang utans live in the tropical rainforests of South East Asia, and gorillas live in the tropical rainforest in Central Africa. That is where the small forest elephant with the large round ears also makes its home. And it will never need to drive away a brown bear, since the bear will be ambling through Europe's last ancient forests.

In Europe and in the ancient forests of North America, the wolf is still at home. However, the wolf will never be able to track down an Andean deer, since these deer live in the temperate rainforests of Chile.

So you see, these forest animals will never cross each other's path and yet they do have something in common: their habitats. These seven fascinating ancient forest regions are being destroyed. And so many of these animals are threatened by extinction. About two-thirds of the world's land-based species of plants and animals depend on the last ancient forests. That is hundreds of thousands of different plants and animals, and literally millions of insects.

These ancient forests are also home to millions of people who depend on the forests for their survival, both physically and spiritually.

Who destroys the ancient forests? And why?

The world's appetite for wood, paper and meat have already destroyed 80 percent of the great ancient forest regions. Century old trees are sliced up for construction timber, processed to make plywood, or end up as window frames, doors or pulp for paper production. Ranchers burn down vast areas of undisturbed forest to produce pastures for cattle, or to farm crops like soy.

Although the methods of clearing my vary, the effect is always the same. Habitats with an immense diversity of species are converted into farmlands or tree plantations. People, animals and plants become the victims of short-term profit and greed.

The ancient forests and their famous animals inhabitants need your help.

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