Meet the team

Background - 24 March, 2011
With two field trips into the area surrounding the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant now completed, our flagship the Rainbow Warrior has raised its anchor and set sail for Japan to undertake a third trip to the area, focusing on the threatened marine ecosystem off Japan’s eastern coast.

As part of the monitoring work, the team will be using a selection of standard radiation monitoring equipment:

- Bequerel monitor [Berthold]: can detect the quantity of radioactive
material (Bq/kg) present in various samples (water, sediment, food)
- Portable gammaspectrometer [ICX Identifinder] : can detect dose
levels (Sv/h) and analyse which isotopes are the source of the
radiation if radiation levels are high enough.
- 2 Contamination monitors [H13422 Rados MicroCont, UMO 110]: can
detect radioactive contamination
- 5 personal dosimeter [Thermo EPD MK2]: to keep track of personal
dose records (dose rate (Sv/h) and total dose Sv)
- 30 film dose badges

Ike Teuling - Energy Campaigner and radiation expert

I have worked for Greenpeace Netherlands since 2008 as a Nuclear Energy Campaigner. I studied chemistry and the did my masters in renewable energy before training as a radiation safety expert at Delft Technical University. I then completed further radiation field work training with Greenpeace, and have conducted sampling at the La Hague reprocessing plant.

Giorgia Monti - Oceans Campaigner

I spent two years as the Research Coordinator for Greenpeace International’s Oceans team before joining Greenpeace Italy as an Oceans Campaigner. I am on board the Rainbow Warrior as an oceans expert to upport fish sampling and identification activities during the
Fukushima radiation monitoring project.

Emili Trasmonte - Second mate

I started with Greenpeace in 1997 as volunteer deckhand, and in 2001 as captain of the "Zorba" - a boat ran by Greenpeace Spain dedicated to an environmental educational project. Later I left to complete nautical studies before rejoining Greenpeace in July 2009 as second mate on the Rainbow Warrior, where I have sailed for two years now in the Oceans and Climate campaigns in the Mediterranean, and the Turn The Tide Energy and Climate tour in South East Asia.

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert - Photo documentation

I have been photographing for Greenpeace for approximately 11 years, and have undertaken work in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia documenting illegal logging of forestry; been twice to Southern Ocean to document the Japanese whaling fleet; and was part of environmental campaigns in the South Atlantic, North Sea, Brazil, Romania, Korea and Japan.

Jacob Namminga

My name is Jacob Namminga, and I'm an actions coordinator for Greenpeace Netherlands. I've been a radiation safety expert since 2004, I've done sampling at Chernobyl, and fieldwork with radioactive waste leak monitoring at Huelva in Spain. I've been an actions coordinator for 10 years, and I first volunteered for Greenpeace in 1992.

I consider nuclear power to be dangerous. When it goes wrong, it goes very wrong. Look at Chernobyl and now Japan. And even if it weren't for the accidents, there's no solution for radioactive waste. I look forward to using my expertise to help to tell the Japanese people and the world the true story of what is happening here.  

When I'm not investigating nuclear disasters, I enjoy rowing and sailing.

Note:  Jacob participated in the first round of work, and has since safely returned to the Netherlands.