Southern Ocean

Background - 20 March, 2014
The penguins are calling! Over twenty years ago nations pledged to protect Antarctica and dedicate the continent as a place for peace and science, because millions of people demanded it. But the penguins, whales, fish and even the smallest krill of Southern Ocean still need to be protected. Let’s stand together for the wild ones!

Although the World Park Antarctica campaign that we all worked so hard on was a huge victory for the environment, banning mining on the continent and the development of various provisions to protect the waters of the Southern Ocean, the marine life of these icy waters is still not properly safeguarded and this needs to happen now.

A network of ocean sanctuaries around the Southern Ocean is recommended by scientists as well as environmentalists and they have joined together to make a start in the Ross Sea and East Antarctica – some of the most pristine waters on Earth. You can join 'the watch' too and be part of the movement to protect Antarctica's ocean.

Iceberg in the Southern Ocean. 02/10/2007 © Greenpeace / Daniel Beltrá