About the blacklists

Background - 14 October, 2010
Our database contains two different blacklists of Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) vessels and companies.

Official Blacklist

Greenpeace has compiled the Official Blacklist from publicly available official registries of IUU vessels and companies. For example, the Official Blacklist includes blacklists from a number of regional fisheries management organisations. We review all official blacklists on an annual basis and update the Official Blacklist accordingly.

Greenpeace Blacklist

The Greenpeace Blacklist contains information on vessels and companies that have been recorded engaging in IUU activities, but have not yet been blacklisted by an official body. Greenpeace encourages stakeholders to report irresponsible fishing vessels and companies that fish without a license or are in breach of management and conservation measures together with supporting evidence to the administrator of the site. Follow the links for information on the criteria for listing an IUU vessel or company on the Greenpeace Blacklist. There is also a form to report an IUU fishing vessel and a petition form to have a vessel removed from the Greenpeace Blacklist.

Industrial fishing vessels and fishery support vessels, including motherships, refrigerated carriers and supply vessels, may be included on both the Official Blacklist and the Greenpeace Blacklist.

Please note that Greenpeace does not claim the databases to be exhaustive of all IUU operators – there will be more irresponsible fishing operators that we have not yet identified. In order for retailers and companies to ensure they are not involved in the trade of IUU seafood products please refer to Greenpeace’s standards on seafood traceability.