Examples of labels

Background - 4 October, 2008
A good seafood product label provides complete and accurate information about the origin of the product, and allows consumers and retailers to make an informed choice about buying sustainable seafood.

Greenpeace demands that seafood labels at least contain the common name and the scientific name of the fish (Latin species name), the FAO area where it was caught, the stock it came from, and the detailed catch method. The page about Greenpeace demands on seafood labelling lists what Greenpeace considers good practices to be provided for all products containing any kind of seafood.

The slideshow below presents examples of labels which provide more information than required by law. They are a great step in the right direction, but most could still be improved. The integration of a product into this slideshow does not necessarily mean that seafood in the product is sustainable -- we're merely demonstrating the kind of information a consumer needs to make a choice.