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Russia - allow peaceful Arctic protests

Greenpeace's ship Arctic Sunrise is in the Kara sea, in the Arctic ocean north of Siberia to expose what Rosneft, ExxonMobil and the Russian authorities are trying to hide there from international scrutiny. But the authorities have tried to block the ship at every turn, and have even threatened to use "preventive fire" against the peaceful protest ship.

This is a shocking escalation, but without a large public outcry it could get even uglier. A clear message from the Russian officials could immediately stop the harassment.



We had to leave the Kara sea for our own safety today under the threat of fire. A FSB (former KGB) ship forced us out of the area where Exxon and Rosneft are exploring for oil in an Arctic nature reserve. We will not stop protesting against oil exploration in the Arctic.


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10,000 needed
2800 signed


We will deliver the following message to the Coast Guard when we hit 10,000 signatures:

"As concerned citizens we urge the Russian Federation to immediately stop the harassment of Greenpeace's ship in the Northern Sea Route. Greenpeace is in the area legally to peacefully protest against reckless Arctic oil drilling."