Stop the Greed!

Save Cameroon’s Forests from Herakles


Herakles Farms, a US company, has been chopping down miles of dense forest without the full authority to do so -- and in the face of desperate pleas and resistance from local communities.

The palm oil project will also destroy precious chimpanzee and forest elephant habitat if it goes ahead.

In February, Herakles began clear-cutting trees with an illegal permit in hand. The permit also allows the illicit timber to be sold on international markets. And this is all happening with the complicity of the Cameroonian Ministry of Forests and the full knowledge of the European Union (EU).

We must act fast. The illegal timber is now in port, leaving for markets in China any day now -- our window to stop the trade is closing.

Act Now.
Tell Cameroonian authorities to seize the timber before it leaves the country.

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