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Thank you very much for strengthening our campaign to ban the cultivation of the chemical company BASF’s GMO potato with the controversial gene.

Your letters to the agriculture minister and the environment minister in Sweden made a great impression We will make sure that all voices are heard by the ministers, and we will continue our campaign for global ecological farming.

We want a system that ensures healthy farming and healthy food for today and tomorrow, by protecting soil, water and climate, promotes biodiversity, a sytem that does not contaminate the environment with chemical inputs or genetically modified organisms (GMO). We will keep you informed on how your direct action helped us to communicate this urgent issue to the ministers. Sweden has a potential to be a GMO free country and your great effort is helping pushing things in the right direction.

Thank you!

Greenpeace Sweden

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Support the activists who are preventing the planting of the risky GMO potato Amflora in the North of Sweden. Ask the Swedish government to ban the cultivation of the GMO potato just like other countries already did.

On the one hand the Swedish government is acknowledging that the European risk assessment of GMOs is too weak and asks the EU for improvement but on the other hand they are not taking any action to prevent the poorly assessed Amflora from being cultivated. The government claims that Sweden only approves GMOs that are safe, but Amflora simply is not safe. Amflora was approved under the same guidelines that the government previously criticised.

The BASF potato was altered to include a gene which contains resistance to antibiotics. And not just any antibiotics, but ones defined by the World Health Organisation as being of 'critical importance', to fight tuberculosis and other serious diseases. This is why EU law already forbids such GMOs with an included antibiotic resistance.

Hungary has already taken the EU Commission to the European Court of Justice over this controversial approval. They were later joined in this legal challenge by Austria, Luxembourg, Poland and France. Several countries have also already forbidden the cultivation of the risky GMO potato. Furthermore, a majority of EU countries has opposed the authorisation of this GMO crop in the past.

It is now time that Sweden follows suit and acts in accordance with its own claims and previous statements. Swedish government shall ban the cultivation of the risky GM-potato Amflora.

You can support our activists who are right now hindering BASF from cultivating Amflora. Take action and write to the Swedish Agriculture and Environmental ministers. Ask them to ban Amflora, just like other countries already did.

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