Leaving your legacy

Background - 17 November, 2009
With your Will, the world can become a better place.

Your Will is probably one of the most important documents you will ever prepare

A Will gives you the opportunity to decide where your assets and possessions go and how they are to be used. Most significantly, a Will protects your family and your loved ones - it removes unnecessary distress, expense and legal problems, at a time when they can be most damaging.

But we believe your Will can do even more - it can also be your legacy, passing on not only physical assets, but also your values and ideals. A bequest is as simple as it is powerful; with a few words in your Will, you can continue to be an advocate for a green and peaceful future beyond your lifetime.

Your legacy to the future

A bequest is a gift nominated in your Will to one or more non-profit organisations

Your bequest can take any (or a combination) of the following forms:

• An outright gift of cash.

• A percentage of the overall value of your estate.

• A gift of real estate.*

• An investment (artwork, jewelery, stocks etc).*

Greenpeace International is an independent campaigning organisation

We do not accept money from governments, corporations or political parties. That's why our financial supporters are our lifeblood. Your ongoing support plays a vital role in creating change, protecting the environment and forcing solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.

The fight against environmental abuse will continue long after you and I are around to give it voice. But you can take a step now that will secure a better planet for the children of today and tomorrow - leave a gift to Greenpeace, leave a gift for the future.

What you need to know

Greenpeace is an international organisation. It comprises 28 independent national/regional offices in over 55 countries across Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, as well as a co-ordinating body, Greenpeace International, based in Amsterdam. The "Greenpeace International" office is a registered charity in the Netherlands.

We strongly recommend you consult with a legal or financial advisor - they can help in ensuring that:

  • Your will is legal and valid for your country
  • You can take advantage of any savings in inheritance tax.

Who to contact

If you would like more information about leaving a bequest to Greenpeace International in your Will, or if we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact:

Ligia Peña, CFRE
International Legacy Manager

* These items may be sold.