Potato Trail

Photo | 20 May, 2009

The PieperPad (Dutch for "Potato Trail") is a 1000 kilometer long cycling tour designed to raise awareness about the importance of ecological farming in the Netherlands by encouraging members of the public to get out into the countryside and enjoy potatoes, a well loved Dutch staple, in a totally new way.A member of Parliament, called Mr. Pieper (yes, he's actually called "Mr. Potato!") was a special guest at the premiere of the first track along with Gert van der Zwan, principal of the Carolus Clusius College (Carolus Clusius is the botanist who brought the potato to Holland around 1600). Copies of the cycling guide were given to these two sensibly dressed fellows who then donned potato costumes, hopped on their bike and rode to the first potato exhibition field sporting 15 kinds of potatoes. Assisted by students of the Carolus Clusius College, the two special guests planted the last potatoes here.