Pristine Reefs in Cenderawasih Bay

Photo | 22 May, 2013

Starfish in the pristine reefs in Cenderawasih Bay National Park. Greenpeace is in Indonesia in its "100% Indonesia Tour" which aims to tell the story of Indonesia's rich biodiversity and calls for urgent action to ensure that the country's oceans and forests are protected.

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Stop sealing

Image | 16 May, 1980 at 14:10

A protest with a demonstration and a sit-in in front of the Canadian embassy in the Hague against the hunt on seals. The banner reads: "Stop Sealing". European Economic Community bans import of seal pup skins in response to public criticism...

Rainbow Warrior Crew

Image | 1 January, 1980 at 16:18

After their heroic escape, the Rainbow Warrior crew arrives happily in Jersey,UK. After being impounded for five months in the Spanish military harbour of El Ferrol, replacement parts are smuggled aboard and the Warrior escapes by night to arrive...

Worker cuts organs and meat from a minke

Image | 1 April, 1979 at 3:00

Worker cuts organs and meat from a minke whale.

Nick Hill

Image | 7 July, 1978 at 2:00

Nick Hill, first Captain of the Rainbow Warrior, in 1978

Crew of 1978 Greenpeace voyage to Iceland

Image | 1 April, 1978 at 3:00

Crew of 1978 Greenpeace voyage to Iceland.

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