The video Shell doesn't want you to see

Video | 27 August, 2013

How two remote-controlled banners took centre stage at Shell's big PR day.

Shell's priceless Grand Prix moment


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What is it like in Cancun, on the eve of the WTO, 2003

Generic multimedia item | 10 September, 2003 at 3:00

We cover what it’s like to be here on the eve of the WTO, and what Cancun is all about, touching a little on the reality of life for the Mexican people. We talk to some people here, some NGO’s here. Then we talk to people from the Indymedia...

Spectacular footage of activists scaling a chemical factory chimney.

Generic multimedia item | 1 September, 2003 at 3:00

Find out what it takes to get 12 activists, 500 kilo's of gear and a 35x10m banner up a 200m chimney at a global toxic hotspot in the Czech Republic.

Greenpeace returns nuclear material to Tuwaitha storage facility, Iraq

Generic multimedia item | 7 July, 2003 at 3:00

In July of 2003, Greenpeace discovered nuclear materials strewn around Tuwaitha, Iraq, some registering as much as 10,000 times background levels. While US troops rushed to secure oil installations, the Tuwaitha plant was unsecured for more than...

Greenpeace shuts down Exxon Mobil Headquarters

Generic multimedia item | 29 May, 2003 at 3:00

Tiger-costumed activists, limo-riding three-piece-suited infiltrators, handcuffed activists -- it's all a part of shutting down the world's largest oil company's headquarters for the morning to demand action on climate change.

Game: Nuclear Solitaire

Generic multimedia item | 6 May, 2003 at 3:00

Enjoy being a unilateralist with this Nuclear Solitaire game. Every card contains a fact about the nuclear arms race and the "evil-doers" who perpetuate it. Nobody wins at nuclear solitaire.

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