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Nuclear News: Tribes: Nuclear waste can't be stored at Hanford

Blog entry by jmckeati | 15 July, 2010 2 comments

Tribes: Nuclear waste can't be stored at Hanford ‘RICHLAND, Wash. — The Hanford nuclear reservation is already the most contaminated U.S. nuclear site, and federal efforts to find a permanent place for all of the nation's...

Nuclear power and energy insecurity

Blog entry by jmckeati | 14 July, 2010

Energy security is described by the International Energy Agency (IEA) as ‘ the uninterrupted physical availability at a price which is affordable, while respecting environment concerns ’. It is about ensuring the supply of the...

Nuclear News: India's growing appetite for uranium

Blog entry by jmckeati | 14 July, 2010 1 comment

India 's growing appetite for uranium ‘India is keen to shore up its uranium stockpile. Even as several state-owned firms identify mineral assets and are in the midst of floating separate ventures in foreign countries to buy out...

Commission on BP disaster - Day one

Blog entry by Jess Miller | 14 July, 2010

Almost 3 months after BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster began its devastation to the Gulf of Mexico, we are finally seeing movement by President Obama to investigate what exactly went wrong after the explosion, what can be done to help...

From the keel up, building a new campaigning ship

Blog entry by Eoin Dubsky | 13 July, 2010 1 comment

In this blog post, long-time Greenpeacer Peter Willcox takes us from the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior 25 years ago, to the keel laying of the new, purpose-built Rainbow Warrior in Gdansk, Poland last Saturday. Click here to chip in...

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