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Painting a bigger picture

Blog entry by Lisa | 19 October, 2008 2 comments

Inês - a volunteer from Portugal (above left - standing by for action with fellow crew members on the Arctic Sunrise) - writes about her recent experience . From day one, life aboard the Arctic Sunrise has been a roller coaster...

Tanjona Tany starts here

Blog entry by Jess | 19 October, 2008

Oscar Soria was in Luxembourg to witness the launch of "Tanjona Tany", as Greenpeace and musicians come together to highlight the challenges we are facing with clean water. Voices, instruments and musical styles from different...

Italian coal gets Greenpeaced!

Blog entry by Lisa | 18 October, 2008

Here's a great slideshow of the action in Italy yesterday against coal Read about the action.

Gordon Brown’s nuclear politics

Blog entry by Justin | 17 October, 2008

When Gordon Brown became the UK’s prime minister, he promised to ... trust in our democracy, I’m sure we need a more open form of dialogue with citizens and politicians to genuinely talk about problems and solutions. It is...

Finland’s Olkiluoto goes further and higher (behind schedule and over budget, that is)

Blog entry by Justin | 17 October, 2008

Things are going from bad to worse with the disastrous construction of Finland’s Olkiluoto reactor . Despite the builders ‘working six days a week and 24 hours a day’, it has been announced that the reactor is now three years behind...

Nuclear energy news for October 17 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 17 October, 2008 1 comment

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: Yahoo! News: IAEA Dissatisfied With Role in Verifying North Korean Nuke ‘The U.N. nuclear watchdog has expressed discontent over its projected role in verifying...

Manokwari, here we come

Blog entry by Jamie | 17 October, 2008

A dance troupe from Manokwari take a tour of the Esperanza's bridge © Greenpeace/Rante After nine days at sea, the Esperanza pulled into Manokwari harbour this morning - that's Manokwari in the Indonesian province of West Papua, not...

BREAKING NEWS: Drinking water contaminated around Brazil’s Caetité uranium mine

Blog entry by Justin | 16 October, 2008 1 comment

Research conducted by Greenpeace has found high levels of uranium in drinking water in the area around the Caetité uranium mine in Brazil. Some of the drinking water samples, that were analysed by an independent accredited laboratory...

Keeping it in the nuclear family

Blog entry by Justin | 16 October, 2008 1 comment

When you’re a nuclear energy company it pays to have friends in high places. When you’re EDF, however, and you’re negotiating to buy UK nuclear company British Energy, you can do better than that. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown...

Nuclear energy news for October 16 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 16 October, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: World Nuclear News: Stiff opposition to nuclear charge ‘Electrabel has reacted strongly against a plan from the Belgian government to force a one-off payment of...

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