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Amazon could be opened to even more destruction

Blog entry by Jess | 20 November, 2008 2 comments

Brazilian Congress is under the serious influence by the agribusiness sector, that much is clear. They are currently trying to change legislation that would open even more of the Amazon to be cleared. If losing the forest in the...

Whaling called "pointless" by Japan government spokesperson

Blog entry by Andrew | 20 November, 2008 3 comments

Japan's whaling has never made much sense to me. But then I'm a Greenpeace activist. It's pretty interesting to hear the same sentiment from someone who defended whaling in his role as an official spokesperson . From today's Sydney...

Forests for Climate - Slideshow

Blog entry by Jess | 20 November, 2008 1 comment

Check out this slideshow put together by Jamie, webby onboard the Esperanza for the Forests for Climate tour. I found the images of forest destruction shocking and the the bravery of the activists inspiring. Thanks Jamie. ...

When Jozwin met Jharia

Blog entry by Lisa | 20 November, 2008

Gene, at the Climate Rescue Station, compares the coal mining industry in Poland to what he has seen in his home country - India. On the streets of Amsterdam, on the off chance that you're paying any attention to the pavement, you...

A day in the life of coal

Blog entry by Lisa | 20 November, 2008

Gene Hashmi, at the Climate Rescue Station, has documented a day in the life of coal in Poland. Some pretty shocking stuff! Click on each image in the slideshow for the story behind it.

British Energy’s to do list

Blog entry by Justin | 19 November, 2008

He might sound like a cheesemaker telling us all we must all eat cheese but Bill Coley, the chief executive of British Energy , is urging the British government to press on with a new fleet of nuclear power stations. We can't meet...

Greenpeace Canada: Group Calls for Public Debate on Nuclear at Nanticoke

Blog entry by Justin | 19 November, 2008

‘A citizens group on Lake Erie is fighting back against Bruce Power’s push to build a nuclear power plant in their community. Their complaint? No one – including their elected officials - asked if they wanted a nuclear plant in their...

Nuclear News for November 19th 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 19 November, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: Reuters: EDF to repair hydrogen pipes at Cruas nuclear plant ‘EDF said on Tuesday it would comply within the next three months with the French nuclear safety...

Rotterdam action eye candy

Blog entry by Juliette | 19 November, 2008

It looks like the action in Rotterdam this week-end had some public - besides all the media that reported it. I have just found two slide shows of beautiful photos by a Dutch photographer. For your viewing pleasure, here they are. ...

Greenpeace Spain and Spain’s nuclear phase-out

Blog entry by Justin | 18 November, 2008

Last March, the Spanish socialist party (PSOE) won the country’s general election. The PSOE's electoral programme included the commitment to a nuclear phase-out (literally: “ we keep our commitment of gradually replacing nuclear energy...

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