Voting for the best images asking Facebook to ♥ Renewable Energy (and thus Unfriend Coal) closed yesterday at 5pm CET, with over 600 photos and thousands of "Likes" recorded. The entries have been reviewed, votes have been counted, the people have spoken. 

It was an amazing response for only five days - one new image uploaded every 30 minutes. There were big name appearances like Einstein and Dylan, household pets and lots of cute kids. Tomas Tomka found a wind turbine and a decommissioned coal power station in Hungary to snap this great photo petition entry

It beggars belief that a 21st century business like Facebook is satisfied to be powered by energy from burning coal (or as this kid explains it - rotten dinosaur food).

The creative potential of this photo petition is too great to keep it closed after only five days. So we have started another round of the photo petition, ending on Earth Day, or as soon as Facebook pledge to go green! See just below the slide show for details.

My own submissions only gathered a few votes (counted in Facebook "likes"), but I'm inspired to try out some more ideas now that I've seen what others have done. The purpose of the photo petition is to spread the campaign throughout Facebook, so that it reaches the company from a thousand directions.  

How to join the photo petition

Prizes: We'll send a campaign t-shirt to the ten contestants with the most-liked images on Earth Day, April 22, at 5pm CET.  

Rules: Only images submitted after February 17 at 4pm (i.e. now!) will be counted in this round. Have fun, get noticed, just don't forget the usual rules on Facebook.