I got a lot of feedback on my blog outlining 10 simple ways to reduce your oil consumption. Here are the top ten that YOU came up with in comments:

1. Avoid styrofoam, bubblegum, or ballpoint pens.

2. Walk the 10 mins to the shops and leave the car at home by deciding to look at something new in your neighbourhood that you wouldn't notice from the car.

3. Quit flying (and not fly less, like I wrote in my orginal entry).

4. Switch to a renewable energy-only electricity provider.

5. Turn down the thermostat one degree in your house.

6. Use the suggestion box in restaurants, stores and other business establishments to encourage them to be more conscientious with the use of oil based packaging and bags.

7. Install, if possible, a solar water boiler on your house.

8. Improve the isolation of your house - the investement pays-off quickly!

9. Ask your boss if you can work from home - less commuting!

10. Vote for, support and foster politicians who are DEDICATED to clean renewable energy.