Posted by Giona, webby, onboard the Arctic Sunrise in Italy

We had a long action day yesterday with two activities in different places. Climbers on the cranes at a power station in Civitavecchia that energy utility Enel is converting to coal, and a photo action on the Arctic Sunrise involving over 100 local people stripping down to their underwear to say "Italy has been caught with its pants down" on climate change. I spent the day running from one side of the town to the other taking pictures, shooting videos, coordinating and always desperately looking for an internet point to send you the news.

Once the sun sets, things quiet down and there is some time to sit in the claustrophobic video editing room on the Sunrise. Here I download all the footage and start editing. The ship is silent and slowly rolling as I finally find some time to reflect on our actions and feel proud of what we accomplished. Italian politicians need to know that more and more people are watching them and demanding real action to stop climate change. After a few hours of work, I sleep and then head off in the morning to the nearest internet point to upload the video above. I hope you will enjoy it.