In 24 hours, 15,000 of you sent messages to the Minister of Justice in Copenhagen and world leaders - calling for action on climate change - in support of the Red Carpet Four and civil disobedience for climate justice. It's thanks to you that our four climate heroes were released.

Over the new year - demonstrations were held in solidarity with the Red Carpet Four in 25 countries from Mexico to Switzerland.


Greenpeace activists at the Danish embassy in Mexico City, alongside members of another 5 NGOs, demanding freedom for the Red Carpet Four

Joris, Christian, Jauntxo and Nora appeared before a hoard of international media on the Rainbow Warrior yesterday in Copenhagen.

Ben Stewart, one of our climate campaigners writes about the press conference held on our flagship:

The hold of the Rainbow Warrior was an extraordinary sight as it filled with more TV cameras than any of us have ever seen before at a Greenpeace event. The Red Carpet Four performed brilliantly - especially when you consider what they have been through - answering the questions with great dignity and clarity.

Our four brave colleagues are now going their separate ways, but continue to attract a great deal of attention. Joris is rushing home to appear on Holland's main evening chatshow, Nora is besieged by journalists, Christian is looking forward to seeing the mountains of Switzerland once again and Juan is preparing to be met at the airport in Spain by a bank of TV cameras, as if he was Real Madrid's new signing. Though of course he's not, he's under contract to Greenpeace and they can't have him!

And here's a lovely message sent out from Mike Finken, Captain of the Rainbow Warrior:

It has been a tremendous honour for the crew of Rainbow Warrior and our lady herself to standby - prisoners of Copenhagen. We have held vigil here in the snow and ice following a most inspiring action that reminds us who we are and makes us all proud to be Warriors of the Rainbow. Nora, Juantxo, Christian and Joris - you have given us reason, thank you.

Rainbow Warrior departs Copenhagen at 14:00 hours today, see you around.

The Red Carpet Four were detained for a peaceful protest that demanded world leaders gathered in Copenhagen for the UN Climate Summit deliver the fair, ambitious and binding climate treaty we all expected. World leaders failed to do so.

We will not stop demanding this - and we will not stop staging peaceful protests. As we continue to put pressure on world leaders to deliver the climate treaty they should have completed at the Copenhagen Climate Summit we are going to need you - and more like you. 15 million people have already voiced their demand for a fair, ambitious and binding climate treaty. If all of us asked just one more person to act in solidarity with us - imagine the message it would send.

Ask someone to join you now, ask them to send their own letter and show their support for non-violent civil disobedience to demand climate action - until climate action is what we get.

You can also help us celebrate the release of the "Red Carpet Four" - share this story on Facebook! Or if you prefer Twitter - tweet it!

While Juan, Nora, Christian and Joris have been released they are still facing trial. The more letters we send the more we tell Danish authorities that - in the face of climate change - the real crime is inaction!

Thanks again for all your help so far!