More than any other year, 2009 is the year for action on climate change. That is because in December, leaders from around the world will converge in Copenhagen, Denmark to negotiate the next phase of the Kyoto Protocol. It is at this meeting that countries must commit to significantly reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, allocate money to help those least responsible for climate change adapt to its impacts, set up a mechanism that will halt deforestation and create a technology transfer fund for clean energy in developing countries.

In the lead up to Copenhagen, this blog will track the progress of the global response to climate change. It will profile climate solutions such as wind, wave and solar power; highlight the problems of false solutions like nuclear power and carbon capture and storage; and showcase the work that Greenpeace campaigners are taking on in countries around the globe.

When it comes to global warming, the planet is too big to fail. 207 days remain until the start of Copenhagen. Will world leaders do what is necessary to save the climate? Only time will tell.