At the weekend I dragged myself out of bed and onto a train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. After waiting an hour at the train station I was finally picked up by a Greenpeace volunteer with a video editor in the back seat. We drove out towards the E.ON power plant that lies south of Rotterdam on the Maasvlakte.

Picture%201.pngHere's where we were at the weekend. Click on the image to see the where else we've been on the Quit Coal Tour

When we got there we were stopped by a police roadblock but I very cunningly walked along the beach and got across to the site where 100 activists were occupying the construction site of a new power plant that E.ON are building. To give you an idea of what it's like to be in a big Greenpeace action I've thrown together a very unprofessional vlog - with a commentary by Melanie, one of the activists, and myself.

The captain of the Rainbow Warrior was arrested after blocking the port and the ship has been impounded. Read more about this story.

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