Hi, my name is Emily and I am the international on board campaigner for a little "Quit Coal" tour around Italy. This is my first ship excursion with Greenpeace and I have been asked to keep you posted on the fun we are going to be having in this part of the world over the next ten days.

When on land, I work as a climate and energy campaigner for Greenpeace International in Amsterdam. I am currently assigned to our Quit Coal project, focusing on phasing out this dirtiest of fossil fuels from our energy mix and transforming our energy supply so it supports cleaner sources that will protect our climate and health over the long term (NO NUKES and NO CCS!).

I have been with Greenpeace International for almost 5 months now. Having worked on the local, state and national level in the US on environmental issues it has been incredible to get the international perspective. Already, I have traveled to some wonderful places meeting an amazingly diverse and dedicated group of environmentalists along the way. It is nice to be in such fabulous company.