As you read these words there are four people in the heart of the Indonesian forest that are putting everything on the line to show the world where climate change starts from and who is responsible for the world’s biggest threat.

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Four activists from the Philippines, Germany, Indonesia and Holland are still preventing a crane from operating in the pulp and paper mill of climate criminal APP despite countless efforts by company security to get them down. All while company boats on the river nearby have been agitating the water to stop photographers from recording the action.

Yet, enduring threats, fatigue, heat and the rancid chemical smell of the plant for more than nine hours - four of our activists are still holding their ground and making sure that the eyes of the world point this way.

And what the world has witnessed is no short of shocking. Vast spreads of once untouched forest now completely destroyed to make way for either palm oil or acacia plantation. Deep peat land forests burnt and releasing enough carbon dioxide – the greenhouse gas – to constitute a real threat to the earth’s climate.

One of the activists still on the crane, Joel from the Philippines had this to say: “I’m here on the crane and will stay here for as long as I can because I really want to help. This gigantic facility is destroying Indonesia’s forest and causing climate change. I think we should all do something about this, climate change affects us all. We’ve recently just had what’s probably the two most devastating typhoons in the Philippines. I know that I’m doing something that can help prevent that from happening again”.

The mill chews through more than 2 million tonnes of pulp every year, coming from plantations and natural forest including from around the threatened Kampar Peninsula. Despite endless calls for an immediate halt companies like APP keep on doing their dirty work, putting all life on the planet at serious risk.

As darkness falls on the APP mill, we are all conscious that there might be only four activists stopping the crane but there are millions of us down here that can make a difference each day to avoid runaway climate change.

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