Last night's concert was spectacular. It was pretty cold out there but that didn't stop a crowd from gathering in Plac Wolnosci to watch the Britten Sinfonia play for almost two hours. The concert was opened with messages from Bianca Jagger and Executive Secretary of the UNFCC, Yvo de Boer. Bianca Jagger's message was clear, she talked about the need for action by industrialized nations and even called for an energy revolution. Shortly after, Yvo de Boer addressed the growing crowd from the stage in the Climate Rescue Station. He spoke about the work that Greenpeace has done to raise awareness on climate change. He also called for a continuation of that work and a need for everyone to look towards solutions.

Watching the Britten Sinfonia play from the Climate Rescue Station was a welcomed departure from our normally late nights at the conference center. Live music just has a way of moving people like nothing else. It's easy to start to feel a bit numb when you are in a conference center for weeks at a time. The Britten Sinfonia playing a concert from the Climate Rescue Station could be just thing that everyone needed to inspire them going into the last days of the negotiations.