By Gavin, climate campaign leader

Bali opening demo

It's day one of the climate negotiations here in Bali, and time for world governments to stop posturing and start putting major solutions to climate change in place.

One of the key outcomes that we need to see from this meeting is that governments have to set much stronger targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Kyoto Protocol was a good start in laying the basis for governments to get to grips with measuring and reducing emissions. But it must be strengthened going forward. This is because efforts to combat climate change need to keep the planet below two degrees Celsius in order to prevent dangerous climate change. And that means halving emissions globally by 2050. Therefore industrialized countries must agree to begin negotiations for a cut in their emissions by 30 percent by 2020 in order to shoulder their fair share of the responsibility. These numbers are big, but our research shows that they are possible with the right political will.

Enter P-Bear. He's our Polar Bear mascot for the meeting, and an icon of one of the many species around the world whose future is threatened if governments don't act on climate change. Today, as delegates arrived at the negotiations, he unveiled a 7 metre high thermometer which stands at the entrance to the meeting. The thermometer serves as a daily reminder that 2 degrees is more than the planet can handle, and that fast action and clear targets are needed to cut emissions.

In the next two weeks world governments must show leadership there is no greater threat to the planet than climate change. Now is the time for strong climate action. P-Bear, the thermometer, and our team of experts from developed and developing countries will be here to work towards this outcome, and blow the whistle on those that stand in the way of real action.