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Something was rotten in the state of Denmark, and its stench wafted all the way to Hong Kong. On Monday, 20 of our activists erected 100 crosses and held a minute of silence at the Cenotaph in the city's Central district to mourn the deaths of the growing number of people climate change kills every year and to criticise world leaders for their inactivity in Copenhagen.

"The 'Copenhagen Accord' does not contain strong measures for emission reductions by developed countries," stated Greenpeace China's Senior Campaigner Gloria Chang, continuing, "Time is running out. By failing to agree to binding commitments, the developed world has condemned our futures."

The inability of delegates and heads of state to see five inches past the tips of their noses and to get it together to come up with a binding treaty has essentially put the rubber stamp on a death sentence for millions. The Copenhagen Accord suggests (wimpy accords call for wimpy words) that the global temperature increase should be limited to 2 degrees - even then, as stated by the Stern Review, 200 million people will become climate refugees, 1/6 of the world's population will face water shortages and over a million people will be killed by disease and starvation due to crop failure. And this is our best-case scenario.

Chang added, "Developed countries continue to turn a blind eye to the climate crisis. Time will judge the leaders of this group of rich countries." And so it probably will, but unless the leaders' 'suggestion' is actually translated into a binding treaty, it will probably be a bit like blaming a broken paddle when you're already way up shit creek.

So what to do? Well, you can start by signing our petition to tell leaders how pissed off you are that they failed and to shove them into action in the new year. And after that takes you a minute and a half, check out our Get Involved page for further ways to express your fury at the world in a more productive manner than just going to bed. Join us in demanding that 2010 be the year we hike up our collective pants and save the world.