Day 11 of Ananth's solidarity fast, and here are his impressions of the climate summit proceedings. People around the world are pledging to go without food on Thursday, December 17th in solidarity with the Climate Justice Fast.



Obama. Hundred Heads of State. Copenhagen at war. Helicopters overhead. Roads sealed off. Armed riot police everywhere. Police sirens wailing. Trouble makers detained. (What are the leaders doing here? Saving the planet? Not really? Saving their ass. More like it. Finding ways to stay in power. Protecting their national economies. Jockeying for competitive advantage.)


11 days on just water. First day of the second week of the Copenhagen summit. Sitting in lounge of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise waiting for a meeting to begin.

Wander through the cold looking for Apocalypse. Four horsemen (3 women and 1 man actually) ride through the city of Copenhagen. Pestilence, Famine, War and Death. (Plenty of that right now. More of it? Much More? I shudder.)

The talks suspended. It is the Africans that are standing up this time. (Good for them. Wait till the leaders get here. Raw power will be on display. Will the meek inherit the earth?)

All of our leaders suffer from a common disease. Thunders Kumi. The 100,000+ people in the cold listen. The politicians are hard of hearing. The crowd roars. (Selective hearing is what they suffer from, I think. They listen and listen pretty hard. To money and vested interests.)

When this is done we will meet and will have a seven course meal. Anna Keenan who has not eaten for 38 days. Water. Ice. Sparkling water. Crushed ice. Ice cake…..(Imagine! I laugh)

Dinner. Seven course. Looks delicious. Smells wonderful. Vintage wines for every course. I am on a fast. Hope you don’t mind me eating. I am hungry. Course 3. I have never missed a meal in my life. (Wow! When will all human beings be able to say this?)

We must not let perfect be the enemy of the good. Tony Blair in defense of the low ambitions that countries are showing here. (How right you are Tony. If only we had on the table something good. Will you say we must not let perfect be the enemy of the inadequate? Maybe you will. After all you are a master. Master of spin.)

A fortune 500 CEO. "Greenpeace woke us up." Woke up the sleeping beauty is how he puts it. You were ahead of us on understanding climate change. (I smile and feel good. A wind of change sweeping across the corporate world? Maybe their kids are climate savers. Maybe the momentum is so strong they don’t want to be left behind.)

Join me on Thursday. Fast for one day. Global day of solidarity. Climate Justice fast. Let us show the leaders that they are on the wrong side of history. The train of change is coming. It is inevitable. I can hear it.