Looks like Big Oil still thinks it can get its way and keep pushing forward with offshore drilling - apparently not getting the public outrage after the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. Not only are the oil companies opposing the moratorium on deepwater drilling in the US, but also pushing their way to the Arctic, New Zealand, and many other places. This is why, this Satuday, a global event is organised to show public opposition to offshore oil drilling.

We have one ocean - what happens in the Gulf is impacting the US right now, but eventually will touch everyone. It's extremely likely that oil from Deepwater Horizon will reach the Atlantic. We know that oil spills will happen as long as we keep drilling.

hands across the sand

This Saturday, go to a beach near you - or if you don't live near a coastline, we can organise a solidarity event - and draw a line in the sand. Hold hands on the beach, take time to meet fellow travelers, exchange on your ideas to get us off the fossil fuel addiction - and show big oil they're not in charge of our oceans and evergy policy.