The world has longed looked to the EU for leadership, but today they disappointed and delivered a watered down climate change package. Just when we all started to have a little bit of hope with the US looking like they are finally going to re-engage on climate, the EU drops the ball and starts moving backwards. Instead of giving us a plan with leadership and vision they’ve instead put coal ahead of their citizens and the planet.

The deal they delivered is full of exemptions for industry and individual countries. Is deal could open the door for energy giants like RWE and E.ON to build new coal fired power stations with state aid from countries like the UK and Germany. New plants and exemptions? That leaves about two thirds of EU emissions being covered by credits obtained from projects outside the EU.

The EU and the European Parliament have until March to pull their act together. Before Copenhagen, Europe has to commit to real support for developing countries and to serious emission cuts at home. The EU has to take action – whether they come from rejections or amendments to the climate package or in the form of separate pieces of legislation.

Greenpeace noted that the last two days in Poznan have seen concrete proposals on emissions targets and cuts from developing countries, who continued to show leadership, especially from South Africa, Mexico, Brazil and South Korea. We should be able to see leadership globally – including from the EU – not just the developing world.