E.ON's CEO Paul Golby just participated in a live chat on the Guardian's environmental section (how he ended up in that section is anyone's guess). It begged a bit of trap questions, and I sent three of my own. He unfortunately avoided the topic, but a few other answers are quite telling.

Firstly, the components of CCS exist - what we need to do is put them all together and scale it up.

We've made a commitment to fit CCS to Kingsnorth, should we receive approval, in accordance to the government's conditions and as long as they address the funding issue.

The first CCS project in the UK will be a massive learning curve so it makes sense to start off small and ramp it up - each time making more efficiencies and bringing costs down.

Translation: You see, CCS is just like unicorns: all you need to do is put the white horse and its horn together and there it is! Well, as long as the government funds it - we're fine with not burning down the planet, but don't expect us to pay for the extra costs. Oh, and by the way, we actually have no idea if this will work at all. If it doesn't, we'll just pass it off as a learning curve and see how long the government keeps buying it."

Add to this the classic "Well, China's burning more coal than us, so why should we stop?" and you've got the basic head in the sand argument.

CCS has not been tested, is not a proven technology, and its efficiency is highly questioned. On the other hand, wind energy, solar power and other renewables have been tested, have been used for years and found to work. Wind power, particularly in windy UK, is a gold mine. So, why so quick to dismiss the later while praising the former, Mr. Golby?

The bottom line is, people like Mr Golby have been stalling developments of renewable energy for year, while pushing for coal, all along clamoring that China and India are developing more coal, as if that even mattered when we take our responsibilities. Yes they've heard from top scientists that climate change is real, is going to destroy the world as we know it, but you see, they have other pressing matters - like, apparently, avoiding that anyone else gets more coal power plants.

Are you disgusted yet by this kind of attitude? Take action: say no new coal.