Every night at 6 pm the atmosphere at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change changes a bit. The corridor outside of hall seven fills with spectators and the Fossil of the Day ceremony takes place. The Climate Action Network - a network made up of 400 NGOs from around the world - has been presenting the award for the last 10 years and the ceremony draws quite a crowd as people gather to see which countries will be shamed for the day.

Each weekday, the fossil award is given to a country that has done something to block progress at the United Nations negotiations. The winners are chosen by vote, by members of the Climate Action Network and accepted by members of the international youth delegation.


This evening, Japan managed to capture both the second and first place award for their “unhelpfulness in he LCA session: an attempt to weaken its emission reduction goals” and for their expended conversation about their “lifestyle innovation.” Yesterday, the Japanese representative spent quite a while explaining that showers would be limited to 20 minutes in Japan. He also pledged to reduce his own showers to 15 minutes and his weekend baths from 7 or 8 to a mere 3. I’m not even kidding.