Copenhagen ended a while ago already, and with the holidays that happened since, it feels like a lifetime already. However, I have no trouble remember the outrage I felt as I watched the acting President of the COP15 read out the final text: "The COP takes note of The Copenhagen Accord."

That was it - all this work, all these hopes, all these delegates, heads of states, for a one-line long agreement. Empty spreadsheets with no emission targets. I wanted to yell at the delegates through my computer screen to get back to work immediately, to not let down the world like they just had.

The video below reminds me today that I was not alone in feeling that way - angry, outraged, disappointed - and that I'm not alone now either. If world leaders think they have seen it all after COP 15, after 15 million people got together asking for a fair, ambitious and legally binding treaty, they are gravely mistaken. They have created a movement of citizens around the world who will not stand by while their planet is being destroyed. Maybe that's the one good thing that came out of this summit after all.

It sounds like no one is done yet around here - so let's all get back to work!