Whenever I talk to people outside Greenpeace they have the impression that all we do is create trouble, say "no" to a lot of things, hang banners and get arrested. Well I guess that's understandable since that's the stuff the media loves. But what you don't see is that for every activist chaining themselves to a ship or sitting in front of a bulldozer there is a scientist, a researcher or a political advisor working with Greenpeace for the same cause.


Yesterday morning in Warsaw, Poland we dumped a load of coal outside a hotel where a coal addicts meeting was taking place (see my previous vlog) and created quite a stir.


Then in the afternoon we released a detailed report on the true cost of coal - along with the independent Dutch Institute CE Delft.


This is the serious side of Greenpeace that people don't often see because it's not so dramatic even though it's just as important.

Another thing people usually miss is that we're offering realistic and effective solutions to climate change. We're not just asking the world to quit coal without presenting clear alternatives.

Check out our Energy [R]evolution to see for yourself.

We're serious about climate change - and we think it's time that world leaders got serious too. Time is quickly running out!