Michelle Frey, my colleague at Greenpeace USA, wrote about this fantastic bit of street theater we pulled off in Washington, D.C. at the US Chamber of Commerce. After pulling up in Greenpeace emergency vehicles, several activists dressed as emergency responders proceeded to drape "Climate Crime Scene" tape across the Chamber's building and attempted to negotiate a release of the climate debate that the Chamber and the businesses it represents are holding hostage.

The Department of Commerce was declared a climate crime scene this morning. Greenpeace activists descended on its DC headquarters to try and free the climate talks, which were being held hostage by the Chamber and its clients. Chamber lobbyists work for the very industries that create and profit from criminal climate destruction.

Even if you weren’t in DC to witness the action as it progressed, thousands of people tuned in to Twitter to get updates live from the field as the events unfolded.

The Greenpeace twitter kept followers engaged in all the activities. The Chamber of Commerce decided to use twitter to try to discount everything Greenpeace was saying. This is where things started to heat up.

My favorite reply of the Chamber (@chamberpost) was how the activities disrupted a holiday concert for a local charter school. At first glance, it would seem as if the Chamber really cares for the youth of our country. It’s a clever way for the Chamber to make Greenpeace look like the bad guys. We disrupted a concert. But, let’s take a look at what the Chamber is doing to the future of all the youth in America.

As a parent, I’m very concerned with the effects of global warming on my son’s future. I want him to have a bright future and a healthy planet to live on. And, thanks to the Chamber and all their polluting clients, his future may be tarnished forever.

Companies that contribute to global warming (oil, coal) create a huge profit. The Chamber of Commerce lobbies for what’s in the best interest of these companies, their profits remaining huge. The Chamber doesn’t lobby for my son or the children at the charter school that were visiting the building today.

Currently, our future is in the hands of world leaders over in Copenhagen. They are in the final days of negotiating a climate treaty that has the potential to either save the day or keep us on a path to dangerous climate change.

I hope our world leaders will do the right thing and protect our future and not the bank accounts of polluting companies. It would be a crime, indeed, if world leaders gathered for two weeks and didn’t come out with a strong, binding treaty to combat the effects of global warming.

We need YOU! Please take action today.