Hey, everyone who participated in the 900 "Hands Across the Sand" events around the world over the weekend, well done! You were part of  the largest-yet outpouring of grassroots activism in response to the disastrous April 20 explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig and the subsequent, devastating oil damage in the Gulf of Mexico. Here's  Google News about the events and a Flickr slideshow of your photos:

Check out this great collection of YouTube Videos as well, and Greenpeace activist Nicole Sand's blog from a Hands Across the Sands event in Florida.

World leaders may have squandered an opportunity to take action at the G20 against oil subsidies and ignored the voices raised in protest for now, but that's not going to stop the Energy [R]evolution which is not just possible, but already happening.  If you don't believe it, check out our plan to move the world to 95% renewables by 2050, using only existing technology and creating millions of jobs in the process.  You can also read about how China right now is adding a new wind turbine on average every hour, how a  solar power plant being built in the Sahara could meet a sixth of Europe's energy needs, and how Europe decommissioned more coal, fuel oil and nuclear capacity than it installed in 2009. Subsidizing oil and coal is simply prolonging the agony of events like the gulf spill and the daily tragedies associated with oil and coal worldwide.

At the G20, the Obama Administration offered up the most robust plan for ending subsidies for big oil and coal,  and even if it represents only a fraction of the total subsidies and requires Congressional approval, it's a step in the right direction toward ending our fossil fuel addiction. The more voices  we raise, the more  politicians and investors will get the message: the future is clean renewable energy, and the Era of deadly, dirty fuels is coming to an end: our job is to bring it to an end sooner rather than later.

If you participated in a Hands Across the Sands event and want to do more, sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date. Join a 350.org group in a a work party to make real energy changes on the global day of action October 10th.  

If you participated in an event on Saturday, inspire others: leave a note in the comments, let us know where to see your photos or videos. Be a part of the most important movement in the world. Help create an Energy [R]evolution. 

(This and index image: Creative Commons photos by Steve Ritchie)