Here's the latest from Gavin, on the coal smokestack in Poland.

After 3 days camped on this smokestack, we are finally heading down. Today is Barburka - a special day in Poland in honour of Polish miners and the esteem in which they are held in Polish society. So we think it appropriate to come down as a sign of respect.

It does raise some tough questions though - tackling climate change involves, among other things, not burning fossil fuels and instead leaving them in the ground. But Poland has a long tradition of mining, and it is still a major employer and economic driver. How to reconcile those two opposing facts? The answer is in building a new economy centred around an energy revolution. This means putting in place just transition programs to retrain workers in occupations revolving around renewable energy and energy efficiency. So instead of digging up vast amounts of coal and burning it, people can instead be installing wind turbines or working in the factories that make them.

The opportunities here are staggering. The Global Wind Energy Council estimates that two million jobs could be created globally in the wind industry. US President Elect Obama reckons he can create 5million jobs in the US alone in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.

So spare a thought today for the dangerous work that miners do. But also urge President Donald Tusk to embrace an energy revolution, providing a way forward for miners and the Polish economy while tackling climate change.

The eyes of the world are on Poland these next few days, and the time for Tusk and others in power to step up and lead is now.

Gavin and the climb team atop the Patnow coal plant smoke stack.

Image © Greenpeace/ Will Rose