By P. Bear, polar bear, in Bali

I’m pretty sure that I’m the first Polar Bear to have ever been to Bali. It’s a beautiful place, and the people are lovely, but to be honest it’s not a climate that suits me. This is my second visit to Kyoto talks – but last time in Montreal was much closer to the Arctic, my home. I’m hot and uncomfortable and a long, long way from the familiar.

Not that the conference hasn’t been welcoming. I was on the front page of the UNFCCC website this morning and everyone wants to stop and chat. I just hope they’re listening to what I have to say. I’m here because I need delegates at this conference to do something about the fact that my home is disappearing.

Did you know the Arctic is warming faster than anywhere else on the planet? The higher temperatures are melting the sea ice I depend on to hunt seals for dinner, so I’m hungry. I’m thinner than I was at the Montreal talks, and so are my friends. On average we weigh 15% less than we did 20 years ago.

My good friends at Greenpeace recently petitioned the US Fish and Wildlife Service to list polar bears as a threatened species because of global warming. We hope to get the decision soon.

Ill keep you updated with what I'm doing here - I just hope they all do the right thing. Me and my family really don't have much time.