Wondering where EU leaders are with the EU Climate Deal? Last week, Gavin was demanding that the EU Quit Coal from the top of a smokestack in Konin. This week, he is back in at the UN meeting on climate change. He is demanding leadership to take decisive action on climate change through strong legislation and making sure you know how the negotiations are progressing in Brussels. Here is his latest update.

In the case of the EU and its attempt to put in place strong legislation to curb emissions through the EU Climate Package, just three leaders will do:

We have Polish Prime Minister Tusk demanding that he should get free permits for coal-fired power stations until at least 2020.

Then we have Italian President Berlusconi, arriving in Brussels looking tanned, relaxed, and saying that he is looking forward to blocking an EU deal on climate. (‘to have a decision now is inopportune’ he stated…)

And finally we have German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who made a speech yesterday inferring that climate action should not come at the expense of jobs (Ms.Merkel: you /can/ have it both ways – climate action does create jobs, as your own Environment Minister said in Poznan today where he stated that half a million jobs will be created by meeting their climate targets. Or maybe you were trying to discourage an agreement because power companies E.ON., Vattenfall, and RWE have been having a few private words with you about all their plans to build new coal plants and how this legislation is not in their interests?)

Three leaders: that is all it takes to ensure the EU shifts from climate leader to climate laggard.

The next 24 hours are key as leaders must hash out an agreement by end of day tomorrow. Lets hope that Ms. Merkel and her accomplices step aside, and let the EU put in place strong measures on emissions trading which will ensure that building coal power stations starts looking like economic madness, and renewable energy can therefore power up Europe and light up our lives..

And here’s how to add a little more pressure in the next hours:

Do you part by EU leaders know it is Time to Lead

- Gavin and the rest of the climate team in Poznan