Posted by Emily, campaigner, onboard the Arctic Sunrise in Italy

As the sun rose over an Enel power station in Civitavecchia this morning, our second action was underway. The Arctic Sunrise was pulling into port as Greenpeace activists unfurled several large banners from cranes on the power plant site. The largest of the banners told the media and workers below that the Italian government was not doing enough on Kyoto and was in effect, in its underwear (in Italy, accusing someone of being in their underwear means they are doing nothing).

The power station in question is one of several in Italy that is being converted from oil to coal and will result in more CO2 emissions. The Italian government puts forth a public persona that purports to be taking its Kyoto commitment seriously. The reality is that little is being done to discourage this increased use of coal and federal legislation has been proposed to making the siting of wind farms unnecessarily onerous. Italy is moving in the exact opposite direction with respect to climate change. More coal, slowed growth in renewable energy and a substantial delay in national programs related to the Kyoto Protocol.

Italian activists expressed their discontent with the government by participating in a supporting action onboard the Sunrise. Over 100 local residents and ship’s crew (yours truly not included) stripped down to their underwear before media and onlookers to deliver a message that further delay in cutting emissions will not be tolerated. Clear skies and warm temperatures made this late November action more fun than freezing.

Tomorrow will be an open ship day where the public is invited to tour the ship and learn more about the work that Greenpeace does in Italy and around the world.