Posted by Emily, campaigner, onboard the Arctic Sunrise in Italy

Our Italian “Quit Coal” tour has come to an end and it is time for the Arctic Sunrise to sail on to its next destination. Our hard working activists and ship’s crew made this tour a success. Five actions against coal helped to raise awareness about this fossil fuel’s role in climate change and the necessity of supporting alternatives in order to protect our future.

Before departing, we took one last swipe at coal in Brindisi harbor. While one of our brave volunteers sat on an anchor chain to prevent a coal ship from moving into port, several others went to work with paint and brushes. On each of the three coal ships waiting outside the harbor, we painted one word of our message. When viewed together, our message becomes clear, “Coal Kills Climate”. If we want to save the climate, we must stop burning coal. The climate crisis demands nothing less than an energy revolution. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are the only way to go!

Quit coal. Save the climate!