There’s a pair of iguanas who live in a hole under the path near one of the main buildings housing the climate talks here in Cancun, Mexico.

On a normal day, they’d be out on the grass, doing what iguanas do - sunning themselves and eating leaves and other vegetation. They’re pretty cool little beasts (well, not that little, in my world – about 80cms long), with mottled grey skin and spiny backs.

These two have been trying to get on with this sunning business, but have been rudely interrupted this week – there’s a climate meeting going on in their back yard and thousands of people are tromping past their hole, from early morning to night.

Every now and then, a little head emerges, looks round nervously, then disappears again at the sight of the inevitable approaching delegate.

I’m worried about them.  Maybe they get time for a quick snack very early in the morning before the throngs arrive.   But for two long weeks they’ll be stuck in their hole in the dark while we hog all their sunlight.  

I just hope they’ve got stores down there – and, at the very least, this meeting manages to make the breakthroughs we need on solving climate change.  I’d hate to think they’re starving in the dark for nothing.