Leah is one of the 500 students that have traveled to Poznan, Poland to make the their voices heard as government leaders decide the fate of the planet they will inherit. Follow the Solar Generation youth delegation in Poznan as they demand government leaders GET SERIOUS about climate change

I arrived in Poland two days ago having traveled thousands of miles from the hub of the South Pacific and enduring flight delays, missed connections and lost luggage. Then there's the cold, the minus 0' temperature that is agonizing for a girl from Fiji who's never experienced anything less than 21 degrees in her entire life.

Why Poland? The UNFCCC COP 14 will be held here over the next two weeks where crucial decisions will be made on the path that developed countries will take in reducing their greenhouse emissions and the devastating effects of climate change on the people of my region. I am here as part of a twelve member Solar Generation youth delegation from all over the world who are here to remind the parties of their responsibility to the world and especially to our generation who will be left to clean up the mess if they don't get serious and take immediate steps towards reductions in greenhouse emissions.

The people of the Pacific are innocent victims of climate change brought about by massive emissions from developed countries and I am here to raise their voices. We are at risk of losing the very islands we call home, our culture and our identity if this meeting does not deliver REAL greenhouse emission reduction.

Over the next two weeks, I shall be sharing stories of people from all walks of life who are here in Poznan to convey a very strong message to our leaders, climate action is needed and is possible NOW!


Leah Wickham- Fiji