Hi I’m Jo. I’ve swapped my job in Amsterdam, which amongst other things involves sitting behind a computer and talking lots on the phone to sit behind a computer and talk lots on the phone here at the Bali meetings. I’m also running around inside and outside the conference for the next two weeks; coordinating media for outside events, such as the Solar festival, and picking up jobs that just need to be done at international conferences. A few examples: making sure we have press releases printed, finding marker pens, getting our Polar Bear to meet journalists and delegates – the usual.

I’m really excited by some of the activities we’ve got coming up – particularly the Rainbow Warrior sailing in with a flotilla of 75 local boats, as part of our call to get everybody out on the global day of action. Working with Solar Generation volunteers is great. It’s really refreshing to spend time with people not caught up in conference politics. As one student told me “we’re not a lobby group, we’re the future.”

Let’s hope delegates at the conference listen and take the decisions we urgently need to set the world on track for the next phase of Kyoto, and the survival of our planet.