Just found this update from Lisa in my in box. It's her first look at the climate rescue station (perched beside a coal mine in Poland).

I have arrived at the Climate Rescue Station! Sadly - Gene went home to India today. He's such a rockstar that I wish he was sticking around but I have had to make do with a few brief hugs today as we crossed paths while I was finding my feet and he was getting ready leave. So for now - I'm your trusty blogger in Poland where the UN negotiations will be held in just over a week's time. Here we have set up a camp with a miniature Earth on the edge of coal mine to highlight the tipping point we will cross over if we continue to use coal - the single biggest cause of climate change.

You'd think a small planet would look really odd just sitting on the ground as if fallen from space but it didn't look that way to me as we approached the camp. It seemed to fit right in for some unfathomable reason. I had to do a quick double take... wondering just for a split second if that was OUR man made dome or something else that just evolved straight out of the ground.

As soon as I got into the camp I realised I had arrived on the edge of chaos! There are so many people here - over 50 for sure. Everyone was milling around on various missions. I stood looking up at our hollow Earth admiring it's beauty and then after a few seconds I couldn't stand there any longer because I could feel my blood starting to freeze! Inside the dome, away from the wind it's a bit warmer but you can still see your own breath in there and the heating (run on bio-diesel) is only on for a few hours a day.

I have realised that I am going to be fighting to stay warm the entire time I am here. We are a long way from Bermuda, where I come from and to me - this might as well be the North Pole! I would actually welcome global warming here with open arms if it weren't for the fact that it will cause a host of negative impacts that will affect every single one of us. It's a shame we can't heat up our real Earth whenever and wherever we want to like the Earth we can heat here at the Climate Rescue Station. Strangely - it's warmer towards the Arctic here because the hot air rises inside the dome!

Apart from it being so cold (most of the time it's below zero) I'm really glad to be here meeting new people who care so much about life on this precious planet that they have left their own comfortable beds and homes to come here and make a loud plea to governments in Poland and across the world. We're asking them to get serious about climate change and quit coal.

I have to get out of my 4 season sleeping bag now and get ready for an event today that should make our message louder than any words I can write here. I'll be back to tell you more as soon as I can.

If you have any questions about our climate rescue station or our climate campaign - please submit a comment below and I will do my best to answer them.

[Thanks for posting this Andrew - I didn't have any online access earlier today]