By Andrew, web producer, in Amsterdam

If you're over the age of 30 there's a safe bet you don't understand Habbo - the largest virtual world for teens. In fact, no one over 30 I've talked to had even heard of it. But the teens in Habbo it's clear that the teens in Habbo do know about climate change, and they get it.

A new survey found that 74 percent of these teens believe global warming is a serious problem and are more concerned about it than any other issue including drugs, violence or war. As one of them said on the US Habbo discussion board:

Our parents and our parents parents have messed this world up for us now we are the ones who have to fix it.

The parents still have time to make a good start though. Let's see that they do in Bali.

Read the survey here, our press release here.

You a Habbo? Wear a green shirt on December 8th, and connect on the "Habbos against climate change discussion boards". Find yours.

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