As the next round of climate talks kicks off in Bonn, there's big news from several of our partners in the Global Coalition for Climate Action, the alliance of non-governmental organisations working to create the race to a green future, also known as the tcktcktck campaign.

Avaaz just hit the 5 million supporters mark, a benchmark they set for themselves at their inception 3 years ago when US political activists MoveOn saw the opportunity to create a global pressure group from their list of non-US emails. Avaaz now has one of the most powerful mailing lists on the planet, and a lean, mean infrastructre of less than 20 people. We're proud to be working with Avaaz at the moment on a joint effort to deliver one million petition signatures to the European Union demanding a moratorium on Genetically Modified food. Congratulations, everyone who is making Avaaz strong!

10:10, a UK group that is also internationalizing, recently scored a major win when the new UK government signed up to cut their departmental CO2 emissions by 10%. 10:10 is dedicated to aggregating pledges to cut CO2 emissions by 10%, and has drawn support from a wide array of individuals, companies, and organisations. Here's their Kiwi Capitano talking about the UK government's decision, and levelling the challenge to get other governments to sign up:

Global challenge stems from UK govt 10:10 announcement from 10:10 on Vimeo.

And finally, has started preparing for a global day of action in October, 10:10:10 -- the tenth hour of the tenth day of the tenth month of the tenth year of the new millennium -- dedicated to Work Parties, organising individual and community actions to reduce our carbon footprints. Over a thousand groups have already been founded! Here's just a few ideas for work parties you can organise in your own community.

Want to be a part of the movement to stop climate change? Join us, join Avaaz, join 10:10, sign up for a workparty in October. Sign up for one, sign up for all, or sign up at to the coalition mailing list to keep up on activities from all these groups and more -- we're all working toward the same goal in different ways, and creating opportunities for everyone to get involved in the race to the green future.

Don't get left behind with the oily executives and the kids with lumps of coal in their stockings: the future is powered by the wind and the sun. An alternative world isn't just possible, it's already here: join the folks who are making it happen.