Over the last couple of days - the Climate Rescue Station has been broken up and taken to Poznan. I'm just about the catch the train back to Amsterdam and things are pretty much wrapped up here in Konin - although the Polish team will continue their campaign against the mine expansion.

The five climbers who were arrested after leaving the coal smokestack have been released and are now enjoying being able to eat real food (after living off super noodles and soup for the past few days), go to the toilet properly and sleep without being huddled next to each other with a constant whirring noise buzzing through their heads. They are all doing fine.

The Rainbow Warrior has now left the coal port in Denmark after 4 days blocking a coal shipment from South Africa. In total, all 31 activists were arrested and spent the night at the police station in Aabenraa, where they have now been released.

Nobody from the crew of the ship was arrested and they are already off continuing the epic Quit Coal Tour. More news soon!

Jess will be keeping you posted from Poznan and there will be more exciting things happening at the Climate Rescue Station there.

Lisa in Poland

Over and Out!