It's a film premier that spans six continents in 45 countries, 550 screens, one of the largest documentary film premiers in history -- a fitting tribute to its subject: the greatest threat our planet has ever faced.

The brochure said it best:

THE AGE OF STUPID is the four-year epic from Director Franny Armstrong (McLibel) that utilizes dramatization to forecast decades into the future detailing a life where the warnings of climate change were not heeded. Oscar(R)-nominated Pete Postlethwaite ("In the Name of the Father") plays a global archivist living in 2055 who takes audiences back through news clips and personal docu-stories from 2004 - 2008 wondering why we didn't stop global warming when we had a chance. Are we THE AGE OF STUPID?

At the world premier last night in New York, guests turned up by boat, by bike, by solar powered cars. The carpet was green.

Gillian Anderson of the X-files and Heather Graham from Boogie Nights were there. Moby mixed it up with former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. Thom Yorke made a virtual appearance from his studio in London.

And from a receding glacier in the Himalayas to an equatorial rainforest under threat in Indonesia, Greenpeace broadcast live from the scenes of the places where global warming is already impacting our world. (I can tell you that more than one forehead was wiped in relief when we triumphed over blizzards, humidity, a helicopter failure, and the million and one logistic challenges of getting a live feed into New York, New York from Nowhere, Middle of.)

heather.jpgRenowned filmmaker Shekhar Kapur Tuesday made his plea to the world - Fight global warming so that 1.3 billion people dependent on the Himalayas for their daily water can live.

As world leaders gathered in New York for the day’s UN General Assembly (UNGA) session which is to focus on climate change, Kapur made a direct telecast to them with the appeal: “Stop blaming each other and start acting, because we have passed the deadline.”

We organised the broadcast to coincide not only with the Age of Stupid premier: it appeared on the eve of the UNGA session, and just two days before the Group of 20 nations is to meet in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to grapple with the negotiations that have been stalled on the way to the UN climate summit in Copenhagen this December.

The premier is just one event in a week-long Wake Up effort to tell world leaders we want a fair, ambitious, and binding deal at that summit. Astoundingly, many world leaders have not yet even set aside time in their calendars to attend!

Don't be stupid:Add your name to the growing global chorus calling for climate action now. The film continues its global march on screens around the world tonight.

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