Here's a set of fragmentary impressions from the climate summit in Copenhagen penned by our Programme Director, Ananth, yesterday. If it looks a little bit like a cut-up prose poem in the tradition of Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs & Brion Gysin, it may be because Ananth is on day 6 of a solidarity fast, which means his brain is now using ketone bodies instead of glucose as fuel. Have a look at what he's seeing.



It is 3pm. In the Bella centre. Home to 30,000+ souls all working furiously. What will it produce?


Obama knows. Maybe.

Last six hours.

Medical examination (weight down by 3 Kilos, day 6, to be expected). Walk in the cold (finding it a bit difficult to keep pace with my colleagues).

Press conference by George Soros (Soros says, the money is sitting in the IMF as Special Drawing Rights for the rich nations that will never need it. 100 Billion. If the political will is there it could be made available for Green development today. Good for you, Soros)

Meeting with my fellow fasters (day 35 and still going. Moves me deeply. In their twenties all of them and determined to "provide a moral response to an immoral situation").

Catch up on work back in the office (how are u? quite well. Buzzing with energy in fact. And you?)

A former colleague and friend in the corridor. (And what are you doing here? I am here on behalf of an animal rights group. Really? You mean advocating vegetarianism as a solution? No, livestock emissions? And the impact of climate change on domesticated animals? Wow!)

Bright orange T shirts. Youth and energy. (How old will you be in 2050? Hopefully dead. Don't bracket my future, the back of the T shirt says. Don't get it. Flash of illumination. There is not much clear text of the agreement under negotiation. Full of text in brackets. All disagreements are bracketed. We will resolve them later. When?)

Do I want to watch Obama's Nobel speech? (No, it will be full of pretty words. Not even that I am told. President Obama talked about war and just war. Strange very strange!)

Aliens stalk the corridor (Smile. Can you take me to your leaders? Metallic voice. Smile. Where are your leaders? Indeed! Where are they? Could take them to the Tuvalu guys I guess. They sure are leading.)

And the day is only half done. There are two CEOs to be met tomorrow and I have to be briefed!

We have won! I think. Look around you the whole world is echoing what we say. Sometime 20 years after Greenpeace said it, sometimes a year after we say it. The skeptics have been vanquished. 105 heads of state will be here next week. Brilliant.

But will this victory amount to anything at all? Will we get the fair, ambitious and binding deal?

Obama knows. Maybe.